SpicyTL 2.0.4


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SpicyTL 2.0 is a simulation model based on electrical circuits theory, particularly suitable for simulating the operation of acoustic transmission lines. Compared to previous versions, it has been deeply revised and simplified in its basic structure, resulting in a powerful and flexible tool capable of virtually modeling any possible configuration (e.g. tapped horn, stubbed horn, RiPole, etc). It is now possible to load the speaker frontally, using a waveguide or other segments of TL. There are no longer limits on the number of speakers that can be used, making it suitable for modeling an array of speakers. Drivers with different parameters can be used within the same system. In SpicyTL 2.0, it is possible to simultaneously simulate multiple systems in the same worksheet and, if necessary, make them interact with each other. For example it is possible to see how a second system affects the response of the first; this feature can be used to integrate the response of a sub-woofer. The model is developed as a worksheet in the LTspice environment.