Nami 2

This version of Nami, like the previous one, was used to experiment with a layered construction technique. In this case the sandwich is made of 12 MDF panels (10 of which are 16 mm thick plus two 10 mm dividers) and develops lengthwise. In this way it is possible to break away from the classic straight parallelepiped shape.

For this project I chose the Fountek FR89EX, a 3″ single driver with aluminium cone, neodymium magnet and 25mm voice coil with 10mm peak excursion.

The frequency response of this driver is fairly linear and extends well beyond 20 kHz. A slight harshness at the higher end (probably due to an ultrasonic break up resonance) degrades the overall performance. A good alternative is the smoother Fountek FR88EX, a perfectly interchangeable driver in this design, which also has lower harmonic distortion although it does pay a bit in terms of power handling and cone excursion.

Some parts, such as the personalized magnetic fixing faceplate to cover the loudspeaker screws, have been made of nylon PA11 with SLS technology 3D printing. I also experimented with nylon PA12 printed with MJF technology. Both solutions provided excellent aesthetic and mechanical results. In this last aspect, nylon PA12 in particular, has a resistance comparable to that of injection molded ABS and I used it for the clamp plate.

The vector pdf and files for 3D printing in step format can be downloaded below:

Andrea Rubino